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Welcome to the Riverside Field Project page.  Each week we intend to give you a regular Thursday update on how projects are progressing.  Some weeks there will be lots of activity, others not so much.  If you  have any questions  - or have knowledge and skills you would like to bring to the project please do get in touch with the lead Directors via the button on the right!


Latest update - 9th June 2022

Some further consultation has to be carried out on the current planning in terms of roads and infrastructure; Fairhurst are currently planning a response to this on our behalf.  Once this has been agreed, that will inform some aspects of the conditions of planning in principle and we can begin meaningful discussions with the local residents and wider community on pathways, gardens and landscaping.


Latest update - 12th May 2022

Thank you to everyone who has expressed an interest in joining the Riverside steering group; we have opened this up to include members of the community who would make use of the facilities at the field.  We have requested the next steps from the Architect to aid meaningful conversation with the steering group.


Latest update - 21st April 2022

Highland Council are in the process of finalising planning in principle, which we should receive very soon.


Latest update - 7th April 2022

We are beginning to approach stakeholders to encourage participation in the steering group for this project.  If you would like to become a member, please contact Tony - tony-ceo@sfctrust.org.uk.


Latest update - 31st March 2022

Additional works to areas surrounding Riverside field is under consideration by planning.  Further info can be found here.


Latest update - 24th March 2022

Following Highland Council's planning meeting on Tuesday, we can announce that planning in principle has been granted at Riverside Field.  More information on the application will be in the upcoming newsletter, which will hopefully be published next week, with a paper copy being sent to all Foyers residents.


Latest update - 17th March 2022

Riverside will go to planning next week.  Further details can be found here - South Planning Applications Committee | The Highland Council


Latest update - 3rd March 2022

We have received notification that our application will be discussed by the planning committee on the 22nd March.


Latest update - 24th February 2022

Letters were sent to Riverside residents and the Community Council advising of a recommendation from planning affecting the area outside of the field.


Latest Update - 17th February 2022

The Trust has now received notification that the formation of access, parking and drainage on the masterplan at the land at Riverside Field was registered on the 2nd of February.  This should mean Riverside Field should go to planning in March.


Latest Update - 3rd February 2022

The Highland Council have now asked the Trust to make a planning in principle application.  This will be re-advertised and will hopefully go to the March planning committee meeting.


Latest Update - 27th January 2022

We are now able to confirm that our planning application will now be considered in February.


Latest Update - 20th January 2022

A further update will be provided in the February newsletter, which will be available to read online over the next couple of weeks.


Latest Update - 13th January 2022

Following notification before Christmas that planning has been delayed further, we are now aiming for our application to be reviewed in February or March 2022.


Latest Update - 16th December

It is now our understanding that planning has been moved to February 2022.  We hope to have more information on this in the New Year.


Latest Update - 2nd December

Following an update from the Highland Council, we expect our application to go to planning on the 14th December.  We hope to update you further on this next week.


Latest Update - 25th November

The Council requested that a new landowner notice be prepared and submitted as having extended the redline boundary for the additional parking spaces on Riverside, the application now extended onto land out with community ownership. The notice was completed and submitted.

The council also issued to us a processing agreement for signature which set out the steps we all needed to take to get to the December committee planning meetings. This document was signed and returned.


Latest Update - 28th October

The updated Masterplan, as mentioned below, has now been submitted to planning.


Latest Update - 21st October

After some considerable delay there has been some movement following a short meeting with Planning and Roads.  We understand the Riverside Field application will go to full planning, but we cannot yet confirm if this will be at the December meeting.

There is now an updated masterplan for the Field based on those discussions that is in documents.  Part of these changes will be advertised by Highland Council for further community consultation.  

We have amended the following:

  • Added 2 off-site parking spaces.

  • Amended the footpaths.

  • Updated the “redline” application boundary.

  • Added the overspill parking area.

  • Defined the footway from building to sports field.

  • Increased the bike stores from 5 to 10.

  • Confirmed level access at bin store.


Latest update - 12th October

Tony and Mike had an initial meeting with the planning department last week to begin to review the points under consideration, and it is our understanding that our application will go to full planning committee.  As this initial meeting was much later than expected we are aiming to hold a Steering group meeting towards the end of October or early November - keep an eye out for the date.


Latest update - 30th September

Tony and Mike have made some headway in their communications with the planning department, and we are hoping to hear about the Riverside Planning Application very soon. 


Latest update - 23rd September

We have been in touch with our Architect and he has confirmed that there is still no response from planning.  This is unusual, but not unexpected - the likely cause being a backlog of applications on the back of Covid.  We will update you once we hear anything! 


Latest update - 16th September 2021

We have now been informed that there are currently delays within the Highland Council Planning department, and this is having a direct impact on the Riverside Field application.  As things currently stand, we do not know when this application will be determined, but we will keep you informed when anything changes.


Latest update - 9th September 2021

As reported to the Community Council last week, we are still waiting to hear back from the Planning department on our planning application, so there is very progress to report just now.


Latest update 12th August 2021

All consultees have responded to the planning application which is due to be determined in September.  You may have noticed that we have had some media coverage on this, with interviews with Kirsty in the Inverness Courier, and Tony on BBC Alba.  We are following up with planning and then will meet with the local steering groups around the end of August.

Higher Ground, our Ground Maintenance Contractors, have also been busy creating and maintaining a pathway around the field for general use.


Latest Update 22nd June 2021

Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent Riverside Field Survey. 73 people expressed their views, which is a healthy sample to accurately reflect the current community view on the Riverside Field Development.


There was 82.19% support for Sports and Recreational facilities across the area.

There was 58.90% support for the location at Riverside Field.

SCFT said in this report we would pull out the thoughts of nearby residents to Riverside Field.

Of those closest to Riverside Field:


13 people are against the proposal

9 people are for the proposal


There is a break down of comments for their reasoning for or against in the attached report. 15 people expressed an interest in being part of the Riverside Field Community Steering Group. Thanks for volunteering your time.


This report will be presented to the SCFT Board, Community Council, Planning, those expressing an interest on the steering group and the community as a whole via this website and a future newsletter The project is currently at planning.





Following a number of community consultations on the Riverside Field the ‘masterplan’ has been submitted to Highland Council for planning. 

This will allow the community to get a sense from planning and nearby consultees/residents about the proposed development and issues that have to be addressed if the development is to go ahead.  Please note just because the planning application is in does not mean it is fixed and the Trust, as the applicant on behalf of the community, welcome comments (positive and negative) from local residents through the planning process. 

The planning application can be read here.

At present there is only an intention to maintain the field for use.   The proposed project will be developed in stages, if funding allows and there is a continued evidence of need.  This will be developed in consultation via a local steering group.  They will be made aware, through the formal planning process, of what the Council planning team and local people are supportive of or issues that are of concern and seek positive solutions.  If you’d like to be on the group please join here Riverside Field - Stratherrick & Foyers Community Trust (stratherrickcommunity.org.uk)

We expect the first meetings to happen in July.

The Trust has also instructed architects to proceed with the planning application for the slipway at Foyers Bay.  More details when we have it.



Latest Update- 1ST MARCH, 2021



The purpose of this paper is to summarise the high-level plan for the development of the site into a  community sports facility. The current position is that the architect, Mike Lawson is steering the project through the planning permission process.


High level plan

The table below summarises the project’s key activities over the next three months.


Decisions Required:

This document is intended for briefing purposes only. No decisions are required at this point.



Latest update – 5th March 2020

The Trust invited the community to attend an open Consultation Day at Stratherrick Public Hall on Saturday 22nd February 2020 in order to present the revised Masterplan proposal for the Riverside Field Project. 

Despite the bad weather a great number of residents turned out to view the plans, speak to Directors and other members of our community and gave feedback on the proposals to the Trust.

Zoe gave a short recap on how the Trust had reached the history of the project, what consultation had been undertaken over the last few years, both with the community as a whole and representatives of active groups within our community. She explained how those consultations had influenced the design and evolution of the presented Masterplan.  She further advised those present that, subject to the community confirming general support to the proposals, this Masterplan will represent the basis for the development of the field. The Trust will then be able to move into the next phase of the project – organising planning applications, building warrant approvals and putting in place funding.

Zoe introduced Mike Lawson, Architect, of Colin Armstrong Associates, Inverness who had worked with the Trust to produce the Masterplan.  Mike ran through the process of how a masterplan for a project of this nature is created and what elements and influences are considered.  He followed with an explanation of  what had changed about the plan – what elements had been removed and what was new, following previous community consultations.  An interesting and encouraging Question & Answer Session then followed.

Community members were also invited to take away copies of the Masterplan and to complete a short questionnaire, so that the Trust could measure community opinion on the revised Masterplan.


The final Masterplan proposals are available to view to the right of this page.


The Riverside Master plan has been updated and this will go back out for community consultation in early 2020.   The Trust is considering the acquisition of the play park which is not currently included in the project and will submit a formal request through Highland Council’s Community Asset Transfer Scheme.  This request places no obligation on the Trust to purchase.  A further update on this project will be provided after the community consultation process is concluded.


The responses from residents to the consultation are currently being considered and compiled (July 2019)

The Public Consultation is now closed.

The closing date for any comments to be included in the Public Consultation was 22 May 2019.


Report following the Consultation Day 23 March 2019

A steady stream of residents made their way to the Stratherrick Public Hall on Saturday 23 March to see the draft plans which had been prepared for the Riverside Field at Foyers by Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust’s architects.

The Trust’s lead director for the Riverside Field project is Zoe Iliffe.  Zoe said ‘It was a successful day with lots of people coming to view the plans and give us their opinions, particularly around the time of the architect’s presentation.’ 

‘Comments ranged from loving the draft plans and hoping to see it all developed to wanting the field to be left as it was with no development whatsoever.’ 

Several feedback forms were handed-in on the day and everybody’s comments will be collated.  Others took forms away with them to consider in comfort and the Trust looks forward to receiving those responses – please return any feedback to SFCT, Stratherrick Public Hall, Gorthleck, IV2 6YP.

Zoe added ‘Don’t worry if you weren’t able to come along to the Hall to give your opinions.  There is still time to comment on the draft plans.  The Trust will be arranging future viewing and consultation opportunities in a few weeks when we open the Wildside Centre but in the meantime links to the draft plans and feedback forms are available.' 

These documents are available on the project documents panel.


Following the recent work to improve the fencing and access to the field, the Trust is now seeking the community’s views on the next steps to improve the recreational use of the area for local people.

Residents now have a very important part to play in deciding what community facilities are provided there.  The Trust is holding a Plans and Options Consultation event at the Stratherrick Public Hall on Saturday 23 March 2019.  The event runs from 10 am. to 5pm.  Draft plans will be on show and the directors of the Trust and our architect will be attending.  There will be a presentation by the architect at 2pm followed by questions.  Comment sheets and printed copies of the plans will be available.

The plans will be posted on line at the Trust website the week following the consultation event.

You may also be aware that the Trust has recently purchased the former Wildside Classrooms at Whitebridge which adds to the facilities our community will have in the future.  There are no draft plans for the Whitebridge site yet.  

The Directors of the Trust hope you will be able to attend at Stratherrick Public Hall on 23 March and participate in the event.


The field above Riverside, Foyers was purchased by the Trust for community use in 2017. A new access was planned and built in 2018. The Trust would like to ask all local residents to look round the field on foot during Spring 2019, using the small gate at the top of the new access road.

After a change of architect in 2018, the Trust’s new architect – Colin Armstrong Associates of Inverness – is producing a number of ideas and plans. These plans will form the basis of a Community Consultation during Spring 2019.

Please take the opportunity now to walk in the field or to exercise dogs. Think how you would like to see the field improved to provide a recreational asset for local people – so you are ready for the impending consultation.




Project Timeline

Jun 21 Riverside Field Survey Results May 21 Masterplan submitted to planning Apr 21 Virtual Tea-Breaks- Steering Group Launch Feb 20 Final Public Consultation Day Mar 19 Plans & Options Consultation Sep 18 Access Road Planned and Built Oct 17 Riverside Field Purchased
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Caroline Tucker
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When will Riverside planning be determined?

Planning has been submitted to Highland Council. We have, however, been made aware of delays in decision-making.  We will let you know as soon as we have any news.

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Riverside Draft Master Plan March 2019
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