About the Trust

In Partnership with you

The purpose of the Trust is to make life in the Stratherrick & Foyers healthier and happier and this can only be achieved if we work closely with you. There are many ways in which you can become involved and to ensure you know what is going on. Every month the chair of the group will produce an e-newsletter that provides a summary of what has happened over the last month and key points from the previous Board meeting. To see this month’s newsletter, click here.

The Stratherrick & Foyers News is to be published twice a year in the Spring and Autumn to include in depth information from the Trust and from all around our community, including local group information, upcoming events, historical stories from our area, local recipes and gardening tips and lots more.  If you would like to be involved in the production, or contribute an article for the next edition of the Stratherrick & Foyers News, then please email: strathnews@sfctrust.org.uk

Are you interested in supporting any of our legacy projects? If you are then please contact us and we can help you get involved, join the steering group, be hands on or be kept informed and have your input.  It is vital as many of the community are involved as possible.

There are ten directors on the Board and to get to know them better here is an introduction - and an email address you can contact them on.




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