"We will act to enhance the quality of lives of people by engaging with the issues that matter to the community and by supporting people, at a sustainable level, to help make things happen."
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30 November 2020


Community Marquee

With the disheartening reality that partial lockdowns are going to be a way of life for the foreseeable future, the Trust has purchased a marquee to enable social distanced gatherings. It is a 4-season strong 6m x12m marquee that will also have a heater. The marquee is expected to arrive towards the end of the year.  Weather permitting,  it will enable many of us to hold socially distanced meetings and in particular help voluntary groups get up and running. How we use it will of course be driven by the Covid 19 regulations that are in place when it arrives.

Events Update!

It is with great disappointment and probably no surprise that this year’s Fireworks display, and Christmas Ceilidh are now cancelled due to the COVID pandemic and the constant changing government guidelines.  We primarily want to keep our community safe but next year will be back bigger and better!

Stay safe everyone and please share this information with neighbours, friends and family who may not have access to the Internet.

Thank you!
Events Team

News Alert! 15 September 2020

We have started work on pulling content together for the November issue of The Stratherrick and Foyers NEWS. Do you have a story to tell?

We are keen to hear what the voluntary groups in the area have been doing since the last edition in April. We appreciate that your normal activities will have been affected by Covid-19. We would also like to hear from individuals who have something they would like to share, it might be a marriage, birth or perhaps sadly the obituary of someone who has passed away.

The deadline for submitting your article is the 8th October 2020. If you are not sure how to write it – just send us a note and we will be in touch to help.

If you have any questions or queries please contact:


September 2020

The Wildside Petanque Court (or “Boulodrome”) is now OPEN!

SOSA2019 are delighted to announce, in conjunction with and the support of SFCT, that the newly installed Petanque Court (or “Boulodrome”, as we like to call it) at The Wildside Centre is open and ready to use.  SOSA2019 are very happy for all in the Stratherrick and Foyers Community to make use of and enjoy the facility.  SOSA2019 have purchased a set of Boules, provided a set of rules for the game (not as straightforward as you may think!!) and other assorted items (scorecards, hula-hoops – read the rules and you’ll know why –  and a couple of drag mats to brush the surface after your match!!)

Now you may think that this is a simple, gentle game, played with bonhomie on balmy summer’s evenings in Provence. Well, you’re off on the wrong track there – think of 750gm of steel hammering the unfortunate opponent’s boule off the court, the cries of anguish as a stray stone destroys ambitions, the very vocal “discussions” over the odd millimetre or two – and worst of all – the vin rouge supply has dried up! Not a game for the faint hearted!  If you want to watch how it’s really done, look up this – all we can say is that Dylan Rocher is a man without mercy!

If you’ve never had a go and would like to try, or you a well-seasoned old “Boulevardiere” and would like to knock the rust off your Boules, then get along to The Wildside Centre and have a bash!  Please contact Kirsty on kirsty-dir@sfctrust.org.uk to arrange access and we hope you have a great time! Just one small request – please leave the court and equipment in good order.  Did you know that the Olympics in 2024 will be in Paris and guess what’s likely to be an Olympic sport?  Petanque!  This could be our big chance to have some golden post boxes, because let’s face it, I don’t know about you but I am not winning sprints anymore!


News Hounds

Calling all budding news hounds! The next edition of The Stratherrick and Foyers News will be out in November, in time to help you plan Christmas successfully.

Our first step is to pull together the team of people who are critical to the success of the publication….the contributors. We will be in touch with our regulars and we are also looking for new contributors to provide news stories,  historical and environmental articles, reviews, recipes and personal interest stories etc.

If you would like to join up as a volunteer reporter or contributor please contact our community liaison officer Steven. We want to hear from people who are keen to report on activities of the organisation they are running, the business they operate, family events, social gatherings – anything and everything that makes the Stratherrick and Foyers world go round!

Just drop a note to Steven at strathnews@sfctrust.org.uk and he will be in touch!

Our Vision Statement

“We will act to enhance the quality of lives of people by engaging with the issues that matter to the community and by supporting people, at a sustainable level (i.e. with finance, personal time, specific knowledge etc.) to help people make things happen.”

Since 2004 we have distributed a wide variety of grants to local groups and individuals and we are now focusing on financing some long term ‘legacy’ projects too.  Full details of the sort of grants we have distributed are visible on the ‘Grants Awarded’  page and you can make your own application for a grant using the forms on the ‘Grants’ page.

We are guided by our ‘Articles of Association’ which include our Objects, both of which determine what we do and how we behave.  Full details of these are available in the ‘Documents’ page of this website but here is a summary of our ‘Objects’:

  • To prevent or relieve poverty
  • To advance education, training and/or retraining
  • To advance heritage
  • To advance environmental protection and improvement
  • To advance citizenship and/or community development
  • To advance the provision of recreational facilities

We are also listed at Companies House and abide by all relevant company legislation including producing annual accounts and sound financial planning and control. Our full Annual Accounts are available for download on the ‘Trust Documents’ page of this website.

Stratherrick & Foyers Community Trust (SFCT) is a not-for-profit community company established in 2004 by the Stratherrick and Foyers Community Council to receive and distribute ‘community benefit’ funds received from Energy companies (e.g. Windfarm and Hydro scheme firms) operating in our geographical area.  The aim of the Trust is to help ensure the environmental protection, wellbeing and economic sustainability of all parts of the community area that may be affected by any “Green Energy” developments.

Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust Limited
Registered in Scotland – Company No SC270423
The Trust’s mail and registered address has changed to:
The Wildside Centre, Whitebridge, Inverness IV2 6UN

Update date 30 October 2020