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Local ladies at the Lunch Club

Welcome to the ‘Grants Awarded’ page.  Here we list all the Grants awarded by the Trust Board.  After approval the Trust will offer a grant to the applicant – subject to general and specific conditions.  It is then for the applicant to accept – or decline – the offer made by the Trust.  


The following grants were approved by the Board Meetings held in December 2018, January and February 2019.   Offers have been made as follows –

Stratherrick and Foyers Community Council £19,538 (confirmed in full) for toilet design, administration costs and fencing at Foyers Cemetery.

The Knockie Trust £970 for annual management costs.

Stratherrick Primary School Parent Council £9,332.47 for transport to swimming lessons, skiing lessons, a  pantomime trip and an outdoor learning project.

Stratherrick and Foyers Lunch Club £2,200 for annual running costs and outing to Inverewe Gardens.

Friends of the Inverness Royal Academy £3,326.25 for pupil tutoring.

Student grants of £500 each have been offered to the following – Christopher Gehrke, Duncan Macpherson, Cameron Simpson, Andrew Stocks, Luke Burgess, Angus Grant MacGruer, Gavin Gilchrist, Gavin Greer, Chris Finlay, Anna Yeats, Hannah Burgess, Iona Macpherson, Lisa Haston and Roma Yeats.

Spin and Chatter Group £1,000 for equipment.

Kilchuimen Academy £52 for an extra curricular trip (Stratherrick and Foyers pupil).

Foyers Primary School £433.97 for the Loch Insh Trip for final year pupils.

Foyers Primary School Parent Council £1000 for bus transport to swimming lessons.

Energy Saving Grant of £500 to Mrs E MacDougall for a replacement heater.

The following ten grants were approved by the Board Meeting held on 3 October 2018.  Offers are being made as follows-

Stratherrick Public Hall £12,446.51 (Constituted Group) Repairs and Maintenance / upgrading the Hall  – Corriegarth Windfarm

Stratherrick and Foyers Wellbeing Group – Mindfulness Courses etc.  £1,970 (Constituted Group) – Dunmaglass Windfarm

Childrens Christmas Party £961.11 (Non Constituted Group / Kim Burton) – Dunmaglass Windfarm

Margaret Cormack of Errogie, Windows £500 Energy Saving Grant  Glendoe Hydro Scheme

Student Grants of £500 will be offered to the following. All awarded from the Glendoe Hydro Fund

Ewen Fraser, Ruari Tweedlie, Ciaran Jake MacMillan, Isabel Slater, Meg Somerville, and Verity Cameron.

The following grant was approved by the Board Meeting held on 5th September 2018. An offer is being made as follows 

Inverfarigaig Residents’ Association £7,345.20 (Constituted Group) for work on community fields

The following seven grants were awarded at the Board Meeting held on 1 August 2018.  Offers are being made as follows –

Four local young people will each benefit from a £500 grant to help with the costs of their studies in the academic year ahead.

Abigail Kirkland, Samuel Mortimore, Hannah Kelly Tay and Christopher Tay will all be receiving offers from the Trust Administrator.

In addition £2,000 was allocated to the purchase of fireworks for the annual display.  £2,465 was allocated to the upgrading of the path between the roadside south of the Whitebridge Hotel and the Fechlin Bridge.  Local contractor Hitrac, who have just completed the pathwork at Loch Tarff for Visit Inverness Loch Ness, will be attending to the defects shortly.

The Trust Board also agreed to extend and improve the current Broadband Scheme serving the Whitebridge and Wester Drummond area.  Plans to include homes around Errogie, Allt na Goire and Torness were discussed.

The following seven grants were awarded at the Board Meeting held in June 2018.  Offers are being made as follows –

Elemental Singing Group £606 – Non Constituted Group (Christiane Morley)

Energy Efficiency Grant  – Kenny Hay  £500

Student Grants  Jessica Main, Robin Morley, Matthew Simpson and Amy Craven. (each £500)

Sporting  Grant – Alex Sutherland £225

The following four grants were awarded at the Board Meeting held in April 2018 

Foyers Primary School £489  towards the costs of the annual joint activity break for pupils ‘moving up’ to secondary school. Funded by SSE’s Glendoe Hydro Community Benefit Fund.

Stratherrick Guides and Brownies £562.63 towards the costs of their train trip to Edinburgh.  Funded by SSE’s Glendoe Hydro Community Benefit Fund.

Stratherrick and Foyers Wellbeing Group £4150 towards the costs of a wide programme of activities at the Stratherrick Public Hall. Funded by SSE’s Corriegarth Windfarm Community Benefit Fund.

Messrs M. MacDonald and L. Morrison £500 Energy Saving Grant – towards the costs of installation of solar panels. Funded from the Green Highland Knockie Hydro Fund

The following three grants were awarded at the Board Meeting held in February 2018 

Stratherrick Primary School Parent Council (Constituted Group)  – £1,400 to meet the cost of the bus hires to swimming lessons for this session.  The funds have come from the SSE Glendoe Community Benefit Fund.

Stratherrick and Foyers Community Council (Constituted Group) to meet the costs of their Minute Secretary for the year ahead.  £1,215 was approved, which comes from the SSE Dunmaglass Windfarm Community Benefit Fund.


Grant for Iona Macpherson – £500.   The money to fund this grant came from the Easter Aberchalder Partnership’s Community Benefit Fund.




Note……as of October 2014, the Directors decided to include the names of those awarded grants on the public Minutes.  The only exceptions are those awarded Hardship grants and student grants on proof of low income whose names will remain confidential. (Note – Anonymity now applies only to Hardship Grant Recipients)

Specific Grants Awarded for 13/14

Page updated 27 September 2019