Stratherrick and Foyers Community Council held their usual meeting on the last Tuesday of the month – 30th January 2018

The Community Council welcomed Malcolm Sutherland from Caledonian Concepts – who organises the Etape.  Malcolm was there to thank local people and volunteers for their help and support in previous four years and to outline the event for 2018.

This year’s Etape is on Sunday 29 April.  There are 5,600 entrants.  This is up 400 compared with last year and the event is now at full capacity. The number of competitors registering who live outwith Scotland is increasing, and more cyclists from central belt of Scotland have also snapped up their place.

There will be no change to the road traffic management arrangements from last year. – The Etape will cover the same route and the same times.

Because of the size of the event the organisers and police have made contingency plans should something happen, for example a landslide.  With that in mind, the Traffic Order will include some smaller roads which will only be used if a diversion is necessary.  These include the Glenliath and Balnabeeran roads.  Motorcycle marshal escorts will be on hand for vital journeys for care workers both sides of the loch.

If anyone aware of local access needs on that Sunday, please a get in touch with Malcolm. 

An Etape leaflet will be delivered by Royal Mail to 32,000 letterboxes in all communities between Fort William and Inverness.  There will be advance press releases and advertising, plus advance notice signage on the roads.

MacMillan is the key charity for the event hoping to top £1,000,000 this year.  Community donations from the Etape will continue.

2019 plans – Previously the Etape has been organised for the weekend before the bank holiday but in 2019 the race will be the same weekend as the Bank Holiday – 28 April 2019.

Volunteer marshals are encouraged to visit