Startherrick and Foyers Community Trust is pleased that our civil engineering contractors have almost completed the initial access at the community-owned field at Riverside, Foyers.  Replacement fencing and a gate will also be installed.  Residents will soon be able to access the field on-foot easily.  The Trust will be producing options for additional recreational facilities on the site for public consultation.  Options will include a circular perimeter path and additional tree planting.

Work at the redundant fish farm at Lower Foyers has also been underway with the unsightly concrete remains all removed.  A fencing tender has now been issued.

The Community Trust has also finalised the transfer of the lease of the site on which the two industrial units stand.  The Trust owns the buildings and lease of the smaller unit to Boleskine Community Care continues.  Plans to improve the former Nursery Unit to make it fit for use are underway.