After a successful AGM at Stratherrick Public Hall on Wednesday 29th November 2017 attended by more than 50 residents, the member directors chose Peter J Faye of Whitebridge as the Chair of the Trust for the year ahead.  Peter succeeds former Chair Zoe Iliffe who has stepped down after three years in the role.  Zoe concluded her period as Chair with a very comprehensive report on the many activities and grant approvals to community groups and individuals which were having such a positive effect on Foyers and the Strath.  The accounts of the Trust were explained in full by Finance Director Frank Ellam, who has agreed to continue in this role.  Zoe will now join the other ten directors who manage the affairs of the Trust.  Caroline Mortimore, Gorthleck joins the Board as a new director.

Eleven new grant applications will be decided on by the new Trust Board at their next meting on December 6th 2017.

New Chair Peter Faye said ‘I want to see membership of the Trust continuing to grow and for a positive, supportive attitude to be very apparent to our funders. This will ensure we continue to receive our community benefit funds so we can improve and maintain Stratherrick and Foyers as a wonderful place to live.  I also firmly believe that the primary task of your Trust’s Board is not to spend the monies, but to support our community groups to do so, within the parameters laid down by our funders.’

The Special Resolution to amend the Trust’s membership rules to be even more inclusive was passed by 37 votes to 1.

Comments from the floor included an appeal by Alex Sutherland Ault na Goire that the Trust should look to support projects and community land initiatives which linked people with the land, either through forestry or agricultural production, and thus to ensure the area’s residents and land was worked for the benefit of our community.  Peter Faye added that Broadband access to homes was also essential as connectivity allowed people to stay and earn a living in our area.

Catriona Fraser, Glebe, in her role as the chair of Stratherrick and Foyers Community Council rose to thank Zoe Iliffe for her diligence over the last three years as Chair of the Trust and to offer the Council’s continued support to an active and transparent Community Trust.

Thanks to all who attended.

Eleven volunteer Directors serve on the new Trust Board.
Stewart Macpherson, Dell, Ken Sinclair,Whitebridge, Garry Page, Glenliath, Hugh Nicol, Ault an Goire, Jim Cameron, Compass (Community Council Liaison Director), Frank Ellam, FinanceDirector – Co-opted, Caroline Mortimore, Gorthleck, Zoe Iliffe, Whitebridge, Peter Faye,Whitebridge (Chair), Julie Murphy, Foyers and Sharon Ferguson of Wester Drummond (Vice Chair).

Note – The Trust’s website will be updated to show the new line-up and office bearers in the next few weeks.