Dear Members,

These are undoubtedly difficult times and unusual circumstances that are proving trying for everyone in our community.  The Community Trust, in conjunction with our friends at the Community Council, Boleskine Community Care, the Knockie Trust and a host of volunteers are doing their very best to help to maintain as much normality as possible.  Please try to help, understand, and support their efforts.

Whilst all this has been happening there have, of necessity, been some significant changes on the Board of Directors of SFCT.  The Board has worked hard over the past few years to be positive, pro-active and transparent, whilst at the same time building good relationships with other groups and organisations in our area, as well as our various funders.  Those objectives and ambitions have not changed.  The Board, to achieve those aims, must all be united and all work as one.  It is an accepted principle of a board of directors that once a decision is made then all directors, no matter what their own personal opinions, will respect and support that decision.  Of late, there have been differences of opinion.  It matters not who was right or who was wrong but, as a matter of principle, some Directors decided they could no longer support the majority and therefore resigned.

This presented the remaining Directors with a difficult situation.  They cannot hold public meetings, have many pressing and urgent problems and needed reliable support. They chose to act decisively and quickly to ensure the continuation and security of our Trust.  To that end they have appointed/co-opted, strictly in accordance with our Articles of Association, three additional directors with relevant and useful experience.  These are interim appointments that will all terminate at our next AGM.  The new appointees are Gareth Jones and Garry Page, and the new co-optee is Peter Faye, who will act as Interim Chair. Gareth and Kirsty Balfour have volunteered to be Vice-Chairs. These measures will ensure the Trust can remain in a position to assist the community, as well as endeavour to continue normal business through this difficult time.

The Board now includes of a large number of new directors who are full of enthusiasm, extremely capable and committed to serving the community well over the coming years.  We trust you will, in the light of the significant influence the Trust can have, and will have, on all our lives, support the decisions taken to ensure stability and continuity.

We hope that we may, at the end of the year, be able to gather again, when open elections and discussions can resume.  In the interim, please show your support for the Board, who do give inordinate amounts of their time for no reward.

If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  In the interim, we wish you all the very best of health and look forward to the return of “normality”.

The Directors of Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust Ltd.