Update 9 April 2019

So what are the long lengths of plastic pipe for at Foyers Bay?

Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust leases some of the land at Foyers Bay from energy firm SSE. The Trust was approached by the University of the Highlands and Islands. UHI wanted to assemble a new and very long pipe for use in testing equipment further up the loch. The Trust sought the consent of our landlord, SSE and permitted UHI to use the area for a few weeks. There will be minimal disruption and no ongoing work to do with the pipe.

SSE will be installing a new electrical supply to site shortly which will include a crossing of the power station road. Please refrain from using the site meantime. Fencing work is due to start in May. The pontoons and floats stored on site are not to be used as play equipment. The mound of concrete particles are stored for use in the remediation of the site and for paths.