Copy of SERVICE 301 TIMETABLE FROM 29 October UHI – Campus

Bus services are being improved.

Councillor Margaret  Davidson reported to the September Meeting of Stratherrick and Foyers Community Council that D&E Coaches had agreed to revise their timetable to allow students to get to the Inverness College UHI Campus before 0900.

From 29 October 2018 the early school bus will leave Inverness and travel anti-clockwise via Dores (d.0731) and Torness, the Calanour and Farr to Inverness Royal Academy and then on to the Inverness College UHI Campus.

The early morning school bus from Knockie Lodge Road End to the Inverness Royal Academy will be re-routed via Torness and Dores.  This bus will also leave a few minutes later than before.  Passengers from Knockie, Whitebridge, Lochgarthside, Gorthleck and Errogie can change onto the bus on the Torness Road, and travel via Farr into the Inverness College UHI Campus arriving at 0840.  This bus will then travel into town stopping to set down in Millburn Road, on the way to the Inverness Bus Station.

This service is open to all users and runs on schooldays.  Residents needing to get to Raigmore Hospital for an early appointment may also find it useful, or people wanting to go on to Culloden or the Inshes Veterinary Practice.

There is no direct return bus.  Passengers returning from Inverness College UHI should go into town to catch the bus home, as before, or walk out to ASDA / Inverness Royal Academy.

This service may also be of use to passengers travelling from Dores into town.

For any questions about the changes please call D&E Coaches on 01463 222 444.