Contracts for Works – Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust

‘The Trust has always striven to award such contracts to local businesses and trades, where they are competitive, and wishes to make all aware of such contracts.’ Peter J. Faye

As you may be aware, Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust have recently acquired the building currently known as the Wildside Centre, Whitebridge, for the benefit of our Community. This property adds to those we now own or lease at Foyers.  Having consulted with the Community about potential uses for these lands and buildings we will, in the future, be looking to place various contracts, both large and small, for a range of works.

In order to ensure businesses and tradesmen are aware of available work the Trust will shortly introduce a new page on our web-site, where brief details of the contracts available will be posted. Businesses will be requested to register their interest in particular contracts and contact details will be supplied.  Therefore, we would ask you look out for this Trust – Contracts for Work page and check it regularly.