Election soon – a new Ward Councillor to serve on the Highland Council for Aird and Loch Ness

Polling Day is 11 March 2021 – when Stratherrick and Foyers voters will choose a new fourth councillor to join our current trio in the Aird and Loch Ness ward.   Please note that all Foyers and Stratherrick voters wishing to cast their ballot in person can vote at one polling station only.  That polling place is the Stratherrick Public Hall.  Polling is by the single transferrable vote system where electors can rank the candidates by number 1,2,3 etc.

We are not short of choice with six candidates standing representing all the major parties and, being Highland, we also have a local Independent Candidate as an option.  All candidates have men’s names.

The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Candidate is gold prospector Gavin Berkenheger.   Glenurquhart Community Council Chair David Fraser from Drunmadrochit is known to many and is the only Independent candidate, whilst Inverness-based ‘Trans Rights’ supporter Ryan MacIntosh stands for the Scottish Green Party.  Bill Moore has his name against the Scottish Labour Party and Martin Robertson will give constituents the opportunity to vote for the Scottish Liberal Democrats under Willie Rennie. Alphabetically last on the voting paper is forester Gordon Shanks who has the SNP ticket.

Here is the main link to the Highland Council webpage which has more information postal votes and on where or how to vote.  Foyers Primary School is not a polling place for this election. 


Some of the candidates have Facebook pages which carry more information on their campaigns.