Many readers will be aware of the new General Data Protection Regulation 2018.

You can access information on the Trust website without Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust requesting or gathering any personal data about you. The website does not have any tracking or data-mining associated with it and does not have any means of gathering your personal data. The Trust does not have the facility to accept on-line payments, so we do not gather financial information from our website either.

If however you write, email, telephone or send a text the Trust Directors, Trust’s Project Coordinator or Administrator, or if you apply for grants or make other enquiries, it is likely we will then hold information such as your name, address and perhaps your telephone number. If you are now, or become a Member of Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust we will also have some of your personal details on record, such as your age. We use these details to keep in contact and to alert you, for example by sending out our Chair’s regular briefing by e-mail and by post.

We have a number of lists – and keep and use your personal data only for the purposes you would expect us to do.

The Trust’s main lists are as follows.

The List of Trust Members (including Associate Members)

This list comprises people who have chosen to join the Trust. We need this list to function as a community trust. It lets us know who can stand for election as a director, and who all can vote at elections or at General Meetings. This list includes name, address, postcode and email addresses for those who have supplied them. We use this list at our AGM and to send out information by post or email when required. This list is held electronically by the Trust alone. We can produce address labels for letters and notices. In the past, when sending a mailing to all members using labels, we have used a contractor (Voluntary Action Lochaber) to send these communications out. Future membership application forms will make the use and retention of this personal data clearer.

The Information on our Grants Database

When you or your organisation applies for a grant we receive data which we retain and use for the grant processes. For larger grants we may share some of the information you supply with the renewable energy companies who provide the Trust with funds. The reason for this is that grant awards may require the consent of our funders before they can be finalised and offered to the applicants. The information you supply may also include contact details for your referee. Grant recipients who are community groups generally supply bank account information to allow BACS payments to made to you. If you have provided details of a personal bank account, for example for a student Grant, we will use this to pay you your grant and for no other purpose. The Trust does not undertake credit checks on applicants nor report transactions to credit reference agencies.

The Information on the Stratherrick and Foyers NEWS mailing list

This is the list we use to send out paper copies of the Stratherrick and Foyers NEWS. We hold your name and address and postcode only.


From now on, personal data includes images on photographs so we may ask your specific consent to take, use and hold-on to photographs of you taken with your agreement. If the Trust takes and holds photographs these will be used exclusively to help achieve the Trust’s aims. This might include using the photographs in reports of community projects, in the Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust’s website, in online publicity, social media, press releases, the Stratherrick and Foyers NEWS and funding applications.

About your rights and the Personal Data we may hold about you.

Under the GDPR anyone who thinks or knows that Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust Ltd holds data about them has a number of rights. These rights include the right to confirm or access the data we hold, to correct mistakes in the data, and the right to restrict what the Trust does with your data – and the right of erasure – sometimes called the right to be forgotten, where all data about you is removed from our records.


1.Your data will always be used in the ways you expect when you initially provided it to the Trust.

2.The Trust will not use your personal data in any way which is contrary to your own interests or the aims of the Trust.

3.The Trust will respond quickly to requests to confirm or amend the personal data we hold, or to remove data which we hold about you.

Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust takes the issue of data security seriously. We keep it safe and do not sell it or make use of it to benefit anyone but yourself and your community. We do not process your data to profile it for any other purpose. The Trust does not have a Facebook page or Facebook account.

Name and Address of the controller – The Data Controller and Data Protection Officer for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), other data protection laws is as follows

The Director responsible for GDPR purposes is Zoe Iliffe.

Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust Limited. Evergreen, Inverfarigaig, IV2 6XR,

Telephone Steven Watson 07525120966