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Stratherrick & Foyers Community Trust Funders

Our Funders

We are funded by the Energy companies which operate wind farms and hydro schemes within our Community Council catchment area.   Some years ago, the Highland Council prepared a ‘Concordat’ (an Agreement), at the heart of which is an agreement to compensate communities with a range of ‘community benefit’ payments designed to support local groups and encourage positive community development.  This is by way of compensation for having such large developments constructed within our communities.  These agreements will then last for the lifetime of the windfarm etc.

Here in Stratherrick & Foyers our main funders are currently Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) and Greencoat Wind UK. The Trust also receives and distributes community benefit payments from the Easter Aberchalder Partnership and Green Highland Allt Luaidhe (228) Ltd.

We liaise regularly with our contacts at SSE and they take an active interest in finding out and in contributing to the debate on how their ‘community benefit’ funds are spent.  Our relationship with them will last for 25 years or more so we work hard to ensure that communications are positive and well-informed at every stage.

Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust also expects to finalise an agreement in 2019 with SSE allowing a proportion of the Community Benefit Funds for the Stronelairg Windfarm to be distributed by the Trust.

For more information, please have a look at the relevant sections in the Q&A page

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Corriegarth Windfarm was purchased in Summer 2017 by Greencoat UK Wind.


Here is the link to some background information on the Corriegarth Windfarm


Here is the link to environmental information on the bog restoration at Corriegarth funded by previous owners Invenergy


Triple Point provides funds to the Trust in respect of their hydro development  ‘Green Highland Allt Luaidhe’


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