"We will act to enhance the quality of lives of people by engaging with the issues that matter to the community and by supporting people, at a sustainable level, to help make things happen."
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The Trust’s Grants System 

Guidance and Application Forms to Download

Community Groups seeking funds should choose the correct form from those listed here. 

Community Groups seeking a grant of more than £20,000 should read these guidelines, and use the Large Grant to Community Groups Stage 1 Proposal Form link below.   For these large grant applications there is a two stage process involving a Stage 1 Proposal and a Stage 2 Application.  In addition to Trust approval, SSE must also agree to these grants at both proposal and application stage.


Large Grants to Community Groups Stage 1 Proposal Form 03112017ii

Constituted Community Groups seeking up to £20,000 in grant – There is a one stage process using a single application form.  It always assists the Trust if you let us know you are planning to submit an application.

Constituted Community Groups seeking grants of up to £20,000 make up the bulk of our Trust’s grant awards and are available for constituted, not-for-profit groups and organisations run to benefit people living in the Stratherrick and Foyers area.   Click these links to download.

Constituted Group for Community Benefit Guidelines

Constituted Group for Community Benefit Application Form

Non Constituted Group for Community Benefit Form – limit £1,000  For use by individuals organising an event or project to benefit members of our community.  Click these links to download.

Non-Constituted Group Guidelines

Non-Constituted Group for Community Benefit Application Form

Student Grant Form – up to £500 per year.  For any resident undertaking a further or higher education course or training.  Student Grant Application Form and Guidelines are on separate download links below.

Individual Student Grant Application Guidelines

Individual Student Grant Application Form

Sporting Grant Application Form – up to £250, two applications permitted each year.  For anyone competing at National or Championship level or participating in a recognised training camp as trainees. Click these links to download.

Individual Sporting Grant Application Guidelines

Individual Sporting Grant Application Form

Energy Saving Grant Form – up to £500.  Available to any homeowners in the area for making energy saving improvements to their own residential property only.  Improvements might include insulation, renewable energy systems etc.  Click these links to download.  Last date for submitting an application for an energy grant is 21 February 2020.

Energy Saving Grant Application Guidelines

Energy Saving Grant Application Form

Hardship Grant Form – up to £500  and available to anyone in the area who is suffering hardship.   Applications should be made to the Knockie Trust.



Hardship Application Form

Medical Adaptation Grant and Loan Award Scheme – for households in medical distress – This is a new grants scheme designed to assist residents with special difficulties that would otherwise mean they might have to leave our area or who are suffering at the moment for want of domestic improvements.  This grant is not available to tenants.  In the first instance, please contact the Community Liaison Officer on 07525120966  or the Trust Administrator.   admin@sfctrust.org.uk

Legacy Projects – If any member of the community has a ‘Legacy’ project in mind for which funds of over £20,000 may be required then please contact us directly and we will help with any relevant forms as applicable.

These higher value grants are provided for any local group who have more ambitious projects and require much larger funding.  SFCT would expect that our contribution would act as a catalyst for these groups to win much larger funds (i.e. ‘match’ funding) from other funding organisations such as the National Lottery or Scottish Government.

Our ‘Apprenticeship Scheme’ is a good example of a ‘Legacy’ project.  Other examples might be a community woodland, sports centre, social housing etc.

Completion Reports

Following the awarding of a grant, applicants are requested to complete a short “Completion Report”.  The completion reports for the different grants awarded are as follows:-

Completion Report – Grants to Constituted Groups – click here

Constituted Group Grant Recipient Completion Report 20DEC20181

Completion Report – Grants to Non Constituted Groups

Non-Constituted Group Grant Recipient Completion Report Form 20DEC2018

Completion Report – Grants to Students  – click here

Individual Student Grant Recipient Completion Report Form 20DEC2018

Completion Report – Grants for Energy Saving  – click here

Household Energy Saving Grant Recipient Completion Report 20DEC2018

Completion Report – Sporting Grants – click here

Individual Sporting Grant Recipient Completion Report Form 20DEC2018 

The Trust’s mail and registered address has changed to: The Wildside Centre, Whitebridge,  Inverness, IV2 6UN

There is a two-month cycle.  Application deadlines for 2020 are as follows:-

Next Deadline

21 February 2020 – completed applications received by this date will be assessed during March and considered by the Trust Board in April.  Please note this is the last date for submitting energy grant applications.


Page Updated 12 February 2020