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Lead Director – Russell Bain

Latest Update – 25 November 2020

The Foyers Bay Project has been somewhat hampered by the current
covid crisis, however some background work has still been going on. The
Trust are now in discussion with the architects to produce the outline
drawings for planning permission. The specification drawings for the slipway
itself are complete. This will lead to putting the works out to tender once
planning and SEPA requirements have been met. The intention is to firstly
install the slipway and pontoons so that we have a useable facility as soon
as possible whilst the rest of the groundworks and facilities will follow

Spring 2020 Open Meeting in Stratherrick Public Hall, GorthleckCANCELLED

Introductory possibilities at Foyers Bay

Following on from last year’s September open meeting in the hall, arrangements are made to have a Spring 2020 update meeting and to repeat the invitation to all boating people, sailing, motoring, fishing, rowing, kayaking, canoeing, newbys, shellbacks and gongoozlers, old and young to come to the Stratherrick Public Hall on  Saturday 28th March at 1400 (four bells) when we will pick up where we left off last September with community ideas, both possible and debateable.

The winter weather having set back some preparation, we view a clearer horizon of the future in meetings with immediate interests.

Land side, the ground works, woodland walkways and shoreline tidy are much to the fore in our thoughts and we may have some progress in these by the date of our get together.

Water side, the preparation of the metal pontoon equipment for rebuild and a look at what is next in line for these is a point to address as is use of existing material that is ready on land waiting to be used.

Into the year we can add our ideas of getting wet, wet, wet and hope to hear the dry, dry, dry plans of those building towards pushing their boat out.  So, please pencil in your diary, come along and watch the Notice Boards and Website should there be a sudden wind shift to the Wildside Centre, or a postponement due to the unknown COVID-19 restrictions at the time of writing this article.

Previous Updates

23 July 2019

Fencing is now complete and signage is expected to go up soon. Please do not park up in front of the gates.

11 June 2019

Fencing operations have commenced at the Bay. The contractor is D. McLennan, Kilmuir, North Kessock. If you see any suspicious activity including dumping or the removal of items please report it to the Police.

1 May 2019

  • Design considerations regarding the refurbishment of the existing slipway continue and are expected to come to decision this summer.  This should allow the launching and recovery of small craft up to 7 metres length with a maximum water draft of 0.5 metres.
  • Future design may allow slightly larger craft, however shallow water depth may govern this possibility.
  • The approach gradient from land down to the waterside is also being considered to aim at a maximum of a 1 in 10 descent/ascent over a 4 metre height difference.
  • Pedestrian pontoon floats are already on site awaiting refurbishment and rebuild prior to deployment on water.
  • Likewise a supply of polyethylene floating pipe is on site awaiting end capping and return to water as a wave attenuator boom to shelter small craft activities and to protect against boat drift in the power station tail race. This boom will also add to environmental protection against flotsam drifting into Loch Ness.
  • Discussions have and continue to take place with authority stakeholders in building an acceptable facility and composing a code of conduct for water and landward interests.
  • An electricity supply is at this time becoming active towards power demand at the landward section of the project.
  • A fencing contractor will soon build a boundary fence around the SFCT leased land area containing the Foyers Bay site, with gated entrances included.
  • Ongoing rubbish and litter removal has and will continue with constant assistance from all who visit. This effort will vary to a greater or lesser degree as development of the site takes place.  It will always be in everyone’s interest to maintain this high standard.

The community is requested to contact any member of the Board of SFCT should comment or question arise in regards to the success of our Foyers Bay facility. Similarly if you see any suspicious activity including dumping or the removal of items please report it to the Police.

9 April 2019

So what are the long lengths of plastic pipe for at Foyers Bay?

Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust leases some of the land at Foyers Bay from energy firm SSE. The Trust was approached by the University of the Highlands and Islands. UHI wanted to assemble a new and very long pipe for use in testing equipment further up the loch. The Trust sought the consent of our landlord, SSE and permitted UHI to use the area for a few weeks. There will be minimal disruption and no ongoing work to do with the pipe.

SSE will be installing a new electrical supply to site shortly which will include a crossing of the power station road. Please refrain from using the site meantime. Fencing work is due to start in May. The pontoons and floats stored on site are not to be used as play equipment. The mound of concrete particles are stored for use in the remediation of the site and for paths.