"We will act to enhance the quality of lives of people by engaging with the issues that matter to the community and by supporting people, at a sustainable level, to help make things happen."
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The field above Riverside, Foyers was purchased by the Trust for community use in 2017. A new access was planned and built in 2018. The Trust would like to ask all local residents to look round the field on foot during Spring 2019, using the small gate at the top of the new access road.

After a change of architect in 2018, the Trust’s new architect – Colin Armstrong Associates of Inverness – is producing a number of ideas and plans. These plans will form the basis of a Community Consultation during Spring 2019.

Please take the opportunity now to walk in the field or to exercise dogs. Think how you would like to see the field improved to provide a recreational asset for local people – so you are ready for the impending consultation.

Thank you

Page last updated 30 January 2019