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Lead Director –  Chris Finlay

Latest Update – 11th January 2021

SFCT and CFWN have been working hard to improve the network for the Strath.  New base-stations have been erected at Dalcragg and Upper-Knockchoilum with additions to the mast at Wester Drummond which all went live in December.  People in the area may have been experiencing some slowing of speeds before the improvements due to the strain on the single link from Gorthleck but the new masts will take the pressure off, help future proof the network and will open up the connection for more customers.  Additionally, the new mast at Dalcragg has made it possible to get the Wildside Centre connected which makes it possible to accommodate a larger variety of activities and groups.  Unfortunately, the work for the new mast at Dumnaglass has stalled due to a delay in resolving outstanding legal issues. Therefore, the new network at the North of the Strath has been delayed and thus subsequently delaying the outlined projects to get Errogie, Torness, Inverfarigaig, and Lower Foyers connected to the community broadband.  SFCT and CFWN are constantly working together to improve the community broadband and during lockdown are still working in the background to keep things running.
Our continued goal is to provide super-fast broadband to all areas of the community, and if this pandemic is resolved soon, we hope to get out and get you connected!


Update – 8 March 2020

1.1. Customer Connections

As at 8 March 2020 there are 56 customer connections.

1.2. Expansion & Upgrade South (Corriegarth Estate & Wildside)

Following the expansion of the network to include base-stations at the Corriegarth Estate & Bailebeag completed in late December 2019, a further 7 customers have been connected all of which benefited from the BDUK voucher scheme.

1.3. Expansion North (Dunmaglass, Torness & Inverfarigaig)

Expansion of the network north has been delayed while the necessary documentation is put in place with landowners to allow civil works can commence.  The structures and equipment has been purchased and configured ready for deployment.

2. Service Provision

2.1. Major Outages

Over the last two-month period the broadband service provision has been consistent with no significant outages.

2.2. Service Disruption

The extreme weather did impact on the major wireless link between Gorthleck and Wester Drummond which did reduce the level of service provision at peak times.  However, once this was identified, CFWN engineers were dispatched on site to realign the equipment antenna and resolve the issue.

2.3 Severe Weather Conditions

The serve weather conditions over February did impact on the expansion of the network south due to the need for a reallocation of resources to perform emergency maintenance across the network.  This expansion will however now be resumed.

Last Update – May 2019

Work continues to connect more properties and extend the range of the community broadband scheme using additional ‘bounce points’ around the Strath.  The Trust’s contractor Cromarty Firth Wireless Networks is regularly in the area.  If you have a connection or are interested in the scheme please look at these links or contact  www.cfwn.co.uk or https://www.facebook.com/CromartyFirthWireless/

Superfast Broadband Extension in Stratherrick & Foyers August 2018

Cromarty Firth Wireless Networks Ltd and Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust Ltd today announce the extension of their Superfast network in the Stratherrick and Foyers area.  During their August board meeting SFCT approved the funding and plans for Phase 2 of their Community wireless broadband scheme. CFWN will implement the infrastructure for SFCT and continue to operate the network on the Trust’s behalf.

The announcement of Phase 2 is the outcome of months of work and planning; whilst there are still some final landowner consents to be resolved CFWN and SFCT are confident work will start soon.  Phase 2 also includes upgrading the main connection for the network from  copper cables to a fibre cable.  This upgrade will allow the network to cope with the increased demand but the aim is also to future proof the scheme.

Many of the nearly 100 properties likely to be covered within Phase 2 will be eligible for the Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme which covers the majority of the installation fee.

For further information please contact: Jenny Gillwald 07530768968


About Cromarty Firth Wireless Networks Ltd

CFWN started because founder (Mike Hicks) was fed up at the non-existent broadband at his home on the Black Isle.  He engineered his own solution, which involved a high speed radio link across the Cromarty Firth.  Within weeks neighbours were clamouring to have the same solution and so an engineering exercise turned into a business, we currently have hundreds of links in the Highlands all based on high speed radio broadband.  Although we have grown dramatically around the Cromarty Firth, we are now looking at other areas in the Highlands, especially those which are poorly served by the BT Openreach network.

We are one of the fastest growing internet providers in Scotland currently employing 10 people.

Cost of installation is subject to survey however a standard installation with the BDUK scheme is £10 or £40 with an upgraded AirCube AC router. On-going costs for the service are £32.40/month.

We offer one simple service which is an average of 30Mbps+ with customer connections limited to 50Mbps

Line rental is not required on our service so customers can significantly reduce their household bills by either doing away with it completely or switching over to CFWN’s own  service which is £5/month plus call charges.

About Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme UK

Digital Scotland administers the UK Government’s Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme in Scotland. Its aim to ensure that the remaining 5% of homes and business not covered by the current DSSB programme.

Individuals can apply if:

  • Your home or business can’t currently access a broadband download speed of at least 2Mbps
  • There are no affordable alternatives that provide at least 2Mbps download speeds
  • There are no plans to bring Superfast Broadband to your location within 6 to 12 months of your application.
  • You must be the owner or occupier of the address you give on the application form.

1 March 2018 Update

Here is the latest on the Broadband – click the link below for a PDF file with the article in the March 2018 Edition of the Stratherrick and Foyers NEWS.

7 February 2018 Update

It is all good news. More households are getting connected.  This week installers are working around the Whitebridge Hotel and new line of sight links to homes are going in.

November 2017 Update

The infrastructure for Phase one of the Community Wireless project is now fully complete. Phase one is from the Stratherrick Hall to a property in Gorthleck then bounced to a tower at Wester Drummond & one further mast to the South of Whitebridge. From this, we currently have 22 households connected & enjoying speeds of around 40-50mbps (some have recorded over 70mbps!?!) This number of households is more than double that had originally signed up for connection in the Phase one area & the number is still rising! This is fantastic but all takes time & there have been some interesting installations but the team from CFWN are working hard to find solutions for each property that wants the service.

We are now working with CFWN on moving out further to other areas for phase two & have been travelling about looking at locations & contacting householders, whilst the installation work still continues in the phase one area.

CFWN are a small local company that are expanding but are also very busy so capacity is an issue but the progress we have made is the envy of many other Communities & we are being talked about as an example of what is possible.

In other broadband news, I have been told that the BT cabinet that is due to go in at Lower Foyers should be installed next month with a possibility of being live early next year. Also, the Better Broadband voucher Scheme, that was meant to end at the end of this year, has been extended for another year. This scheme gives a grant to help with the installation costs. Please see link below for news item ~ https://www.gov.uk/government/news/better-broadband-scheme-extended-for-another-year

Finally, for those that we haven’t yet reached – Thank you all for your continued patience, we hope to be with you soon!


Installations and expansion is ongoing in the Whitebridge area.  A report is expected in early October 2017.

Our First Base Station has gone live on 20 June 2017.

You can read our latest flyer at this link Broadband scheme update flyer 1 July 2017

or attend this drop in event in 13th July 2017 

Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust are holding a Broadband Afternoon and Evening on Thursday 13th July 2017.  The venue is the Stratherrick Hall.

We hope you will drop-in at the Hall between 3pm and 8pm.

Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust is working with local firm Cromarty Firth Wireless Networks to beam broadband signals around the area.  This gives households the opportunity to tap in to high speed broadband through a wireless system which does not rely on phone lines.

You are invited to come along to the Hall to learn more about the new system and check the speeds available Community Trust Directors and technicians from Cromarty Firth Wireless Network will be on hand to answer questions.

Here is the link to Cromarty Firth Wireless Networks website http://www.cfwn.co.uk/