There are two new and two returning Councillors for Aird and Loch Ness on the new Highland Council.

Stratherrick and Foyers is part of the Aird and Loch Ness ward – now Ward 12.

Electors had a choice of seven candidates at the election on 4th May 2017.  The four seats were allocated by the Single Transferrable Vote System.

The Councillors elected are as follows

Margaret Davidson, Independent, Abriachan was the first to be elected at Stage One of the process.

George Cruickshank, Conservative and Unionist, Drumnadrochit was elected at Stage Two of the process.

Once votes were allocated at Rounds Three, Four and Five, Emma Knox, SNP was elected.  The final fourth seat went to Helen Carmichael, Independent at Stage 6.


Chris Ballance Green, Matt Friess SNP and Dr Jane M E Davis – the Liberal Democrat who was elected for a short period –  did not receive sufficient votes to be elected.

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