Applications for the Trust’s Grant Schemes are welcome at any time.  We have a deadline every two months – when all the applications received during the previous eight weeks or so are listed together.   Each application is then allocated to one or more of the Trust’s volunteer directors.  The Directors assess each application and report to the next meeting of the full Trust Board.  The Trust Board considers the application and comments from the assessment and then decides to approve, decline or request more information.  Decisions are made public (except for Hardship Grants) and communicated to applicants immediately after the Board meets.

For example, a completed application which was received on 24th April will be assessed during May and a decision given after the Board meets in early June.

Applications which just miss a grant deadline have to wait a bit longer for a decision.  For example, an application submitted on 10th May will be listed with all those received up until the deadline on 28th June.  The applications in that grant round will be assessed during July and a decision given immediately after the Trust Board meets in early August.

The Project Coordinator is available to help applicants with questions or to gather information for a grant application. He can also help local residents to make applications to other funds not run by Strartherrick and Foyers Community Trust.

Remember you do not have to be a member of the Trust to make an application.  Grants cannot be approved retrospectively, so make sure and apply well ahead of any expenditure.  Applicants who go ahead with projects ahead of receiving a decision from the Trust will not be paid any grant.