Members should receive a mailing (from 20 November 2018) containing a further letter from the Chair, a Proxy Form and some details about each of the four members who are standing for election as Directors of the Company for the coming year. 

Four Page AGM Mailing 2 17 Nov 2018 i

Please click the link above to see the mailing.

Points to note 

  • There is an election.
  • There are three vacancies.
  • There are four candidates.
  • The four candidates are Margaret Cormack, Tom a Mhoid, Gareth Jones, Errogie, Gillian McIntyre, Gorthleck and Edward Olaf Olsen, Tom a Mhoid.


  • You have up to three votes.
  • You cannot give more than one vote for any one candidate.
  • You can choose to vote for none, one, two or three of the candidates.
  • The three candidates polling the greatest number of votes will be elected.

How to vote.

(You must be a member of the Trust to vote.  Associate and Junior Members have no vote)

Attend the AGM at Stratherrick Public Hall on Wednesday 28th November from 7.30pm.

You can appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf – but please return the Proxy Form at least two days ahead of the AGM.

Please read the document at the link above for full details.


Stratherrick & Foyers Community Trust Limited

Annual General Meeting, 28th November 2018

Director Candidate Personal Statements (4)

Margaret Cormack:

“Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust has both the opportunity and the resources to improve and enrich the lives of all in the local community, particularly the old and the young. I am recently retired and would like to become more involved in my local community. I think that being a Director would make good use of my time and energy.


My husband and I moved to Tomvoit 2 ½ years ago in to a new sustainably built house. Before retiring, I worked as a medical physicist, the last 10 years being at Raigmore. I also have a teaching qualification and spent a couple of years teaching Physics in London. While having a career break when my two children were young I helped set up an Organic Food Cooperative, of which I was Company Secretary for a short while.  I am used to working as part of a multi-disciplinary team involved in both planning future developments and complex problem solving.”


Gareth Jones:

“I live with my wife Kay in Errogie. She is Inverness born and, after a period working in England, I followed her to Drumnadrochit to raise our two children. We wanted them to benefit from the culture, traditions and education found in the Highlands.


I began working life as a journalist, television producer and editor before running the training department at the BBC. I then set up an online estate agency and then back to the BBC to develop the use of the Internet for training. I am now a consultant helping government agencies and large companies to improve the quality of their training. This has included developing new apprenticeships for the automotive industry.


I believe this experience means I can bring practical skills such as helping the Trust to develop plans that will have long-lasting impact on the area, support public relations and communications activities, develop educational opportunities, preparing proposals, business planning etc.  I have experience of running trusts of this nature. Whilst in Drumnadrochit, I helped establish a community group dedicated to improving the natural environment. I am familiar with the trials and tribulations of working in voluntary organisations! I will work towards the goal of improving the health and wellbeing of everyone in the area and in particular for young people.”


Gillian McIntyre:

“As a relatively new member of this Community I would like to get involved in a meaningful way in a team that is looking to improve things for this growing community.


My background is working in Local Government for 36 years in various roles, ending my time as Manager of a team Supporting Legal and Administrative functions. I was heavily involved in Elections working directly with the Chief Executive and latterly has personal charge of the Postal Voting aspect which grew exponentially during my time.

I dealt on a frequent basis with external organisations, took part in multiple agency interaction, prepared detailed evidenced reports for Council whilst daily managing over 60 staff.


I even dipped my feet in Events Planning, taking the logistics role for “The Freedom of Falkirk” commemoration for WW2 Veterans. This was a major undertaking for which I had no previous experience however I demonstrated to myself how to transfer my skills in to another role. I believe I could bring to this group as Director, my enthusiasm, organisational, interpersonal skills, attention to detail and working with external agencies.  I also have a number of technical skills such as working with spreadsheets etc.”


Edward Olaf Olsen:

I am keen to see the excellent work done by others so far continued and offer my time and talent towards that cause.

I have fifteen years employment experience of Scottish Registered Charity work and after five years residence in Gorthleck I feel I have an understanding of the area and its needs.”