The Farigaig Community Steering Group has asked us to post this info about their latest ideas and impending AGM.   


Farigaig Community Steering Group

Annual General Meeting

Stratherrick Community Hall, Gorthleck

7:30pm on Friday 12 May 2017


Twelve months ago we gathered to consider an approach from the Forestry Commission about transferring the Forest Classroom and public toilets at Farigaig to the community.  At first we were driven mainly by the desire to preserve this important local amenity.

Since then we’ve learnt how other communities have used the community woodlands to transform themselves, to stimulate local economies and help create sustainable communities.  Driving us too has been our concern that if we miss this opportunity the next generation would think that we had failed them: we had the chance to save our community and we missed it.

Help us get it right.  Come along and hear about the opportunity we have, how other communities have benefited, and guide us so we can strike the right balance between creating local employment, benefits for the community such as firewood, improving the visitor experience, promoting our cultural heritage, and protecting the character of this part of Scotland that we all love.

More info about the group is on their website. Here is the link.