"We will act to enhance the quality of lives of people by engaging with the issues that matter to the community and by supporting people, at a sustainable level, to help make things happen."
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The Trust’s mail and registered address has changed.

Please contact us by post at Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust, Stratherrick Public Hall, Gorthleck, INVERNESS, IV2 6YP.

A message to all members of Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust ahead of the Trust’s 2018 Annual General Meeting.

Dear Member,

I hope that by now you will have had an opportunity to look at the papers we sent you concerning the Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust AGM, to be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday, 28th November at Stratherrick Village Hall.  We would be delighted if you are able to attend. The formal proceedings do not take long, but just as importantly, we really need to hear from you, the Members, with your ideas and opinions.  It is an opportunity for you to offer guidance and suggestions to the elected Directors – last year we had a very positive and productive meeting.  After all, if you don’t tell what you would like to see, how will we know?

Please remember that the Directors are all volunteers who give of their time freely and do their best.  Perhaps we don’t always get it right, or it seems to take a long time to achieve results, but I can assure you these folk devote a lot of time and energy toward improving all our lives in Stratherrick and Foyers.

This is a very important time for our Trust.  We are about to see our income virtually double and so we need to continue with larger projects – and find some new ones!  We all therefore need to start taking a part not only in coming up with the ideas, but helping to implement them.  The Trust and it’s funds belong to all the members and rightly or wrongly, I believe that we all have an equal responsibility to help in whatever way we can.  How many communities have the opportunities we now have?

Here is something I want you to consider.  Many Trust Directors have full time jobs, businesses to run and families to take care of, but I’m sure you are all familiar with the phrase: “If you want something doing, ask a busy person!”  Is that you?  Did you know that a Trust Director can only serve for a continuous period of six years?  Next year four of the Board must stand down and cannot stand for election, with more the year after.  I therefore ask you if could step up and be a part of a group with a lot of responsibility, but a fantastic opportunity to hugely benefit our whole Community?  I know you’re busy, I know you have commitments, but so have I and all the other Board members.  We just have to find the time because if we don’t, the consequences for our Community would be awful.

We currently hold and manage our income from the energy companies – but if we don’t, or can’t do that, then there is a real danger of it ceasing.  Therefore we really need new faces on the Board, so please think very seriously about putting yourself forward.  If you don’t do it, who will? Don’t worry if you haven’t done anything like this before. Lots of help and guidance is given and contrary to some opinion, we are a friendly bunch! So fill in the form and I’m sure you will enjoy it! If you have any questions, just drop me an email at the address above, or feel free to speak to any of the Directors or Staff (details on the website).

We have had a busy year and I’ll give you all more detail in the Chair’s Annual Report.  Much “groundwork” has been done on some larger projects and now we will begin to implement them, but they can only be a success with your support and help.  So please come along to the AGM, think seriously about how you can improve the lives of your families, friends and neighbours and hopefully we can all, together, look to the future with confidence.

I do hope to see you on the 28th.

Best regards,




After a successful AGM at Stratherrick Public Hall on Wednesday 29th November 2017 attended by more than 50 residents, the member directors chose Peter J Faye of Whitebridge as the Chair of the Trust for the year ahead.  Peter succeeds former Chair Zoe Iliffe who has stepped down after three years in the role.  Zoe concluded her period as Chair with a very comprehensive report on the many activities and grant approvals to community groups and individuals which were having such a positive effect on Foyers and the Strath.  The accounts of the Trust were explained in full by Finance Director Frank Ellam, who has agreed to continue in this role.  Zoe will now join the other ten directors who manage the affairs of the Trust.  Caroline Mortimore, Gorthleck joins the Board as a new director.

Zoe Iliffe also introduced the opportunities which Stronelairg windfarm commity benefit funds from SSE could unlock.  The yellow ‘We can do it with Sronelairg and SSE’ document was presented to those attending the AGM. here is the link to the document   We can do it with Stronelairg and SSE

New Chair Peter Faye said ‘I want to see membership of the Trust continuing to grow and for a positive, supportive attitude to be very apparent to our funders. This will ensure we continue to receive our community benefit funds so we can improve and maintain Stratherrick and Foyers as a wonderful place to live.  I also firmly believe that the primary task of your Trust’s Board is not to spend the monies, but to support our community groups to do so, within the parameters laid down by our funders.’

The Special Resolution to amend the Trust’s membership rules to be even more inclusive was passed by 37 votes to 1.

Comments from the floor included an appeal by Alex Sutherland, Ault na Goire that the Trust should look to support projects and community land initiatives which linked people with the land, either through forestry or agricultural production, and thus to ensure the area’s residents and land was worked for the benefit of our community.  Peter Faye added that Broadband access to homes was also essential as connectivity allowed people to stay and earn a living in our area.

Catriona Fraser, Glebe, in her role as the chair of Stratherrick and Foyers Community Council rose to thank Zoe Iliffe for her diligence over the last three years as Chair of the Trust and to offer the Council’s continued support to an active and transparent Community Trust.

Thanks to all who attended.

Eleven volunteer Directors serve on the new Trust Board.
Stewart Macpherson, Dell, Ken Sinclair,Whitebridge, Garry Page, Glenliath, Hugh Nicol, Ault an Goire, Jim Cameron, Compass (Community Council Liaison Director*), Frank Ellam, FinanceDirector – Co-opted, Caroline Mortimore, Gorthleck, Zoe Iliffe, Whitebridge, Peter Faye,Whitebridge (Chair), Julie Murphy, Foyers and Sharon Ferguson of Wester Drummond (Vice Chair).

*Dr Cameron has since resigned from the Trust Board. 

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