"We will act to enhance the quality of lives of people by engaging with the issues that matter to the community and by supporting people, at a sustainable level, to help make things happen."
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Project Coordinator

The best way to make contact is by e-mail  pc@sfctrust.org.uk or by mobile phone / text on 07525 120966




I’d like to introduce myself and explain the role which the Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust wants me to undertake.  I joined the Trust as Project Coordinator at the end of July 2015 and have local and national experience of funding and organising successful community projects.

Firstly my role is to help local individuals and groups organise their ideas, and assist you to draw up workable plans for your projects.  I can advise on procedures and on funding possibilities.  I’m able to give guidance and advice on possible grant funding sources, not only from the Trust but from other regional or national funders.

My second main role is to lead major projects on behalf of the Trust that relate to the entire community.

Please consider me as someone who is here to help and guide your project ideas.  It is not for the Trust to take over the organisation or running of your projects, rather it is for me to help you out at any stage from the initial idea through to successful funding and operation.  I advise and inform the Trust’s directors, however it is the Trust’s Directors alone who assess and decide on all applications for funding.

I hope that more local people will join the Trust as members, attend the AGM and support the existing Directors or consider joining them if elected.

Contacting me
I am in the Strath and at Foyers twice a week as a minimum.  I can meet up anywhere, at the Stratherrick Hall or at your site or home. This can be day or evening, weekdays or weekends. I can be contacted by email, phone and letter.  I often attend community events and meetings too.

I can help you complete application forms electronically (all the grant forms are on the Grants System page) or I can deliver paper forms if you don’t have access to a computer or printer. Also, I can help you gather the information to support a proposal for funding. If you have an idea that is outwith the Trust’s current grant schemes I will be pleased to meet with you and discuss your plans.

Steven Watson 

Telephone 07525 120966 (on 02 network)
Email pc@sfctrust.org.uk
Mail at our Registered Office Evergreen, Inverfarigaig (note I do not work from this address).