"We will act to enhance the quality of lives of people by engaging with the issues that matter to the community and by supporting people, at a sustainable level, to help make things happen."
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Our Directors

For more information on our Directors click here Directors Biographies June 2018

Please note the above linked document is out of date and will be amended shortly. (see text below)

Latest News – Good Governance statement by the Board – September 2017

Trust Directors highlight the need for Good Governance to keep future grant funding decisions local.  

‘Doing things right – for all our benefit!’

Read the statement in full here  Good Governance  Statement 

SFCT is managed by a volunteer group of Directors. Directors are voted into position by all the members of the company and they are responsible, not only for directing the organisation’s activities, but also for ensuring that it is managed with best practice and that it upholds all its statutory responsibilities such as producing annual accounts etc.  Full details of exactly how Directors are voted on to the Board and what are their responsibilities are covered in detail in our Articles of Association.

All Directors of SFCT will act to support the organisation’s vision statement which is: 

“We will act to enhance the quality of lives of people by engaging with the issues that matter to the community and by supporting people, at a sustainable level (i.e. with finance, personal time, specific knowledge etc.), to help people make things happen.”

Within our Trust activities, we will:

  • Act with integrity……..do what we say we are going to do
  • Focus on ‘outcomes’ not just ‘outputs’
  • Ensure rigorous financial control
  • Trust each other to work to the best of our abilities
  • Allow criticism but ensure it is constructive

Any member of the community can put themselves forward to become a Director and we have made it easy for new members to come on board by producing a detailed Directors’ Training Scheme, a summary of which you can see here  Directors’ Induction and Training Scheme .

Current Directors

  • Peter Faye (Chair of the Trust)  
  • Sharon Ferguson (Vice Chair)
  • Frank Ellam (Finance Director)
  • Zoe Iliffe
  • Julie Murphy
  • Ken Sinclair
  • Garry Page

New Directors from AGM 2018

  • Margaret Cormack – Tom a Mhoid (joined November 2018)
  • Gillian McIntyre (joined November 2018)
  • Olaf Olsen (joined November 2018)

Retirees at AGM

  • Hugh Nicol (retired November 2018) 
  • Stewart MacPherson (retired November 2018) 
  • Caroline Mortimore (retired November 2018) 

The Community Council Liaison Director post is now held by Ian Bateman (from November 2018) 

For more information about our current directors click the link below  (this document was last revised on 5 June 2018 and is now out of date)

Directors Biographies June 2018

The Trust and its Directors are administered and assisted by Steven Watson (Project Coordinator) and Laura Walker-Knowles (Administrator)

The Trust’s mail and registered address has changed. From I September 2018 contact us by post at Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust, Stratherrick Public Hall, Gorthleck, INVERNESS, IV2 6YP.

Page last updated 30 August 2018